Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Janny Wurts' "Wizard of the Owls" and "To Ride Hell's Chasm"

Click thumbnails to visit fantaasy writer and illustrator Janny Wurts' site for more image info:

Wurts' Wizard of the OwlsWizard of the Owls - this personal work by Wurts was honored at the 1993 Chesley Awards. Wurts wrote her short fic Dreambridge for this painting. (Source: The Chesley Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy - a Retrospective) Part of the painting is used as a cover for Wurts' book That Way Lies Camelot.

Wurts' To Ride Hell's CHasmUS cover illustration for To Ride Hell's Chasm - Mykkael, the leftmost character, is an outsider who rose to become Captain of the Garrison in the kingdom of Sessalie, only to be swept into the demonic intrigue threatening the kingdom.

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